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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult


michael herman

"Him" brings you immediately into the mystery of the story with the main character, Amelia, upside down and suffering from a car wreck. How did it happen? Why? And more importantly, who? You want to know more. I was taken in by the well written opening.

Sue Hollister Barr

Newcomer Caitlin Mazur's Him starts out with a bang (actually a car crash) that skillfully and immediately puts the reader into the story. An obviously adept writer, her prose style leaves many...who have far more impressive stats on the dust.

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Him (Book 1 - The Migrator Series)

An orphaned girl travels across the country to save her sister from the dire consequences of a time-traveling man's botched journey.

* * *

Amelia used to think time travel wasn’t real. That was before she met a mysterious time-traveling man, and discovered the mortal consequences of being touched by time.

The time traveler’s botched journey accidentally inflicts her sister with a deadly disease, and only the man’s distant team of time travelers have the cure.

In a race against time, Amelia must travel across the country with a man from a completely different world, in an attempt to save her sister’s life.


"...within the first few chapters, I was hooked. I kept reading wanting to know what was going to happen next." - Amazon Reviewer