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Shattered Lives: Book 1 of The Wizard's Legacy

In a realm ruled by elves and men, a darkness thrives only a few can see. Immortal Wraiths hunger for hearts to crush and lives to claim. Yet, Prince Theron won’t let the dark spirit sap his joys of love. Even while leading his fiancée through their haunted forest, Theron presses on. He learns all too late the error of his ways; his fair maiden and realm trembling within the clutches of Wraith’s dark magic.


The Day the Devil Smiled

They have waited since the dawn of time to unleash their consuming anger against God and His plan to save mankind. The blood-thirsty demons fill ancient Jerusalem during a celebration of joy and remembrance. The customary songs quickly turn to shouts of rage, wails of horror, and cries of pain. Darkness falls across the land as the demonic warriors turn their rage on one Man, Jesus Christ. Angles of war battle the evil powers in an epic conflict of good and evil, light and darkness, life and death.