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Archangelology Michael Protection: If You Call Them They Will Come (Archangelology Book Series Angelic Upgrades 1)

This piece is one of a series of Angelic Upgrade books that fill you with Divine Angelic codes. Angelic laws are based on love and light and thus, operate for free-will, so we must call and ask the Archangels for help.
When working with your book relax, take deep breaths and ground to Mother Earth. Focus on Intentions for what- ever it is your heart desires that are for the highest good of all involved. Intentions for these energies that we can not see but feel when we are ready. There are those that believe The Archangels are the Ones that make Law of Attraction Work.
This series of books take on a life of its own as the Archangels move and play from book to book, creating a Delicious Alchemy. Look for the rest of the books and audio gifts at