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Women's Fiction

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Never Reckless: A Billionaire's Secret Baby Romance

The other girls I can barely remember, her I can never forget.

I’m never reckless…
Except for that one time, and one time was all it took.
That hot, devastatingly sexy man was all sorts of wrong for me, but turned all sorts of right in the sheets.

Before I had even woken up, he had moved on, and I was left with that one thing that made sure I couldn’t just forget.

I’m never reckless, and having a daughter was never part of my plan. I dealt with the guilt of not telling him though—took what life gave me and made something for myself and my daughter.

The past can be the past. That was, until I met my newest client.

It’s him, and he has no clue that the 3-year-old waiting for me back home is his too.