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Astrid's Dragon

Astrid isn’t the type of princess who gets captured by dragons. And Fafnir isn’t the type of dragon who goes around capturing princesses. So when the two of them get together, nothing happens quite the way you would expect. In this funny and sweet tale of friendship, you’ll find a story filled with adventure and courage.

This feel-good chapter book is perfect for early readers or as a read-aloud story. For lovers of dragons, princesses, fairy tales, or adventure, this story will captivate and charm.

"As far as princesses, dragons, children, and fun go, this book was just about perfect. The story flows naturally in a bubbling stream of tension, banter, surprises, let-downs, and all-round charm until the world gains a reality hard to achieve in such a short book." -Reader's Favorite


The Best Worst Family Vacation

Emma is convinced that this family vacation is going to be the worst. Her best friend Izzy is spending her fall break at the beach. And Kayla, Emma's second best friend, is spending the week at Disney World. But Emma? She is visiting her Great Aunt Betty, who smells like soup, eats vegetables for breakfast, and has SO many rules. Emma just knows this vacation is going to be the worst.

Join Emma and her hilarious family as they learn that despite what they think, this trip might just be the best family vacation ever! With beautiful illustrations and a feel-good story, this early chapter book is bound to entertain.