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An Escalating Threat to the Heart

Cardiac Surgeon Kate Parsons is living in terror. An ex-patient is stalking her every move, and the cops won't do anything about it. She's scared. Alone. Then, one night she flees from his threatening presence by jumping into a taxi with a handsome stranger. Over the course of their drive, they grow closer. But the threat still lurks in the shadows, waiting for them...



An Escalating Threat to the Heart: A Short Story

Kate Parsons is a cardiac surgeon with a problem—one of her former patients is stalking her, turning her life into a living hell.

One night, to escape him, she jumps into a taxi and orders the driver to get her out of there. Only there’s someone else already in the cab—a handsome, dark-eyed stranger just trying to get home.

They agree to share the taxi, and during the ride something sparks within Kate—something she’d thought had been destroyed by her recent experience with men.

But Kate’s stalker isn’t done with her yet...


Soldiering On (Soldiering On #0.5)

Prequel to the Soldiering On series. Sergeant Major Duncan Pierce is determined to show the world that he and his friends are still capable after being injured in the line of duty. The best way to do that is to start his own security company - but he needs someone with the business know-how to make it work. Mandy Lennox is the exact opposite of what he wants - and exactly what he needs...