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The Alpha Warlocks' Claim (Alpha Warlocks of Kala West Book #1)

Tradition in Kala West, Florida calls for a witch to take two warlock lovers, but when Charice Brixton is summoned to the Firewick Festival, a magical ceremony that matches witches and warlocks to make the perfect triad, she's not expecting the instant sexual attraction between two Alpha Warlocks who are prepared to make her their witch forever.



The Alpha Warlocks' Desire (Alpha Warlocks of Kala West Book #2)

Curvy witch Claire Brixton is in no mood for a party, especially one that’s supposed to match her up with two strange warlocks. But when these powerful Alpha Warlocks save her, history and the present merge into an encounter that fills them with intense desire for her. They can't see the earth witch bonding with anyone else but them. Is Claire strong enough to use the sexual and magical connection she has with these alpha male warlocks to heal them so they can create a future together?