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Rider's Genesis Preview

Saving another’s life may save her own.
As the child of the kingdom of Salia’s most powerful mages, Lex’s future had seemed bright. That is until she lost everything. Her dreams. Her parents. Even when she thought her life was changing for the better, she lost her husband. When a mysterious stranger turns up nearly dead on her doorstep, Lex must make a decision. Either fight for her future or lose more than her own life.
For Amell, time is almost up. He has spent nearly thirty years searching for the balance to his magic he needs in order to survive. After an unexpected attack, a twist of fate hands him what he has been searching for in the form of someone that could threaten everything.


Mage Seer

As the youngest apprentice to the Archmage of Salia in over a century, Faleena has received one of the greatest of honors. But it is not just her power as mage that set her apart.

Raised by his elven grandfather, Aerinor is anxious to finish his training with the human Archmage of Salia. An unexpected competition to be the archmage’s successor changes when a life becomes at risk.

Will Faleena be able to use her gift as seer to rise above or will Aerinor’s elven lineage set him up to win?