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Nice to meet you. Feel free and call me M. I write romantic adventure with a splash of comedy, because there's nothing simple, and everything awkward, about two people trying to make a go of love.

Outside of writing, I can do one decent magic trick. I'm rather proud of that. I drool over mountain bikes, so you may want to stand back and pretend you don't know me at a trailhead. Finally, I adhere strictly to the Quantum Chaos Home Organizational Method. (TM pending) I have three kids, two dogs, a husband and a cat. Somewhere. I think they're in the same place I left my coffee cup...

Aside from that, I just gotta say that I love us crazy, broken humans. We dream so big. We try so hard. Yet somehow, quite often, things go terribly wrong. This is where my books begin, because this is where the real love story's found.

Here's to all you overcomers; you make me proud.



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The *hit List

Sicily Day bought a book. Not just any book. This book was going to rejuvenate her life. Dr. Rathmool Gatapoke promised.

Maybe it would have, too, had it not been for her delusional uncle. Or her thieving, soon-to-be ex. Or that stupid purple pastry.

Whatever the case, Sicily's life has changed alright: she made her debut at a strip club, orchestrated some pretty sweet revenge, and started a business as a relationship "hit woman." Don't look, but she may even have a shiny new crush.

Now if only she knew what to do about her neighbor's dead body and a missing uncle.