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Cat Eye - A Poe Inspired BDSM story

Nora wants a lover to frighten her. When an old friend offers her all that she desires, will she be able to handle it? Set in the Seattle underground with nods to Edgar Allen Poe's short stories, this story will thrill those who love BDSM.

Trigger warning: This story involves an intense, consensual, reverse-haram, BDSM scene. May not be suitable for all readers.


Strawberries Sangria and You

Neha Chodhury is trying to earn a contract with the Art Museum by catering a major event. The only thing standing between her and success is Devdan Misra, the super sexy museum employee who makes her weak in the knees. Can Neha win her catering contract and Devdan's attention at the same time? A little sangria might help.



What is it about warmer weather that brings out our sensual side? Is it the panting moans, the writhing of sweat-sheened bodies, or the colliding of pent up wanting? When temperatures rise, so do our needs.

In Love Slave: Heatwave this theme is explored in an anthology filled with summer flings, island getaways, and situations where the​ ​torridity isn't the only thing​ ​burning.

Fifteen authors offer their tal​es​, ​proving that no one is immune to the heady swelter. ​​From stories of sultry southern nights to poolside afternoons and days when fans bring no reprieve, here you'll find the perfect beach read or book to keep you warm at night.


Turn to Me

Chrissy Lorcan and her co-worker, Detective Landen Sutherlund, have never particularly gotten along, but Chrissy knew right away what he was. After all, she's lived with werewolves her entire life. Landen's been hiding himself away at a lake house, not knowing it's owned by Chrissy's family. Will a weekend at the lake be enough for her to teach him how to deal with the wolf inside or will secrets and sexual tension break them?