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We write books for kids with dyslexia or autism!

Bec J. Smith is the writing trio of Rebecca Laffar-Smith and her two children. Rebecca is a dyslexic author who loves writing science fiction, fantasy, and romance novels. Eighteen-year-old Kaylie is a fantasy novelist who also loves role playing games. And fourteen-year-old Joshua, their inspiration, is an avid gamer (as well as a penguin and ant enthusiast) who is both dyslexic and autistic.

Inspired by the challenges her son faced learning to read and write, Rebecca began the first P.I. Penguin book with her children as a homeschooling project. When that book arrived, Josh cherished it and in the simple words of a child, hoped that other kids would love it too. That's what inspired Rebecca to publish the books more widely and their passion grew. Now, together, they love planning, writing, and storyboarding children's books, especially more in their popular P.I. Penguin series.

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P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Missing Bottle

A penguin, a dolphin, a mystery!

Meet our favourite private investigator, P.I. Penguin. He's an Australian Little Blue (Fairy Penguin) and he loves visiting fun and interesting places around his home in Western Australia. Come along with him as he meets other native animals (including a grey nurse shark, leafy sea dragons, and gloomy octopus). Shares the joy of kindness, friendship, and scientific enquiry with a P.I. Penguin read together adventure.

˃˃˃ Dyslexia friendly design; Autism friendly stories.

Carefully crafted to encourage language and literacy learning. Each story is rich with rhyme and rhythm, vivid concrete words, and vibrant images. Features dyslexia-friendly text, layout, and design. We focus on creating engaging stories to inspire even the most resistant readers.


P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Christmas Lights

Because penguins can celebrate Christmas too!

Delight your children with this beautiful, fully-illustrated bedtime story. P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Christmas Lights delivers a heartwarming message about the importance of sharing the holidays with the people you love. It includes West Australian native animals, a special cameo from a Santa dressed for an Aussie summer, and the familiar Perth landmark, Forrest Chase.

All P.I. Penguin books include dyslexia-friendly formatting for easy reading and are particularly suited to dyslexic readers young and old. This particular story is ideal for ages four to ten.