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I live in Portland, Oregon, most likely known as of late as the location for TV shows Portlandia, Grimm and Leverage. I am a member of Willamette Writers and Oregon Writer’s Colony. I 've been the Volunteer Coordinator for the annual Willamette Writers Conference with as many as 1000 attendees and a board member with Oregon Writers Colony, where I've coordinated workshops featuring mystery authors April Henry and Larry Brooks.

They say you should write about what you know, and over the years I've accumulated a diverse set of work experiences from which to draw. I graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Journalism and worked as news and sports reporter on several newspapers, including The Oregonian, The Gresham Outlook, and The Idaho Statesman.

I've been a Realtor and the head of a 6,000-member union representing health care and janitorial workers. I like to spend time with my family and grandchildren when I'm not writing.

I tend to write hard-boiled mysteries but somehow humor manages to sneak into my writing voice. I hope you will pick up one of my stories and come along for the ride. DW



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Death Fits Like A Glove

Someone is stealing pets in P.I. Billie Bly's Northwest Portland neighborhood and one of her critical neighbors begs her to find her lost dog.

Billie is a hard-boiled female P.I., who normally wouldn't give the plea a tumble. But she allows herself to be coerced into helping because she thinks it might smooth ruffled feathers with her neighbors after her garage blew up during a recent case.

A young boy with unruly red hair adopts her and asks to help solve her case. But the boy displays some disturbing behaviors and may be more hindrance than help. If she wasn't so good at her job this could be a case with a happy ending, but when she gets wind of something bigger, a sinister figure plans to put an end to Billie Bly.

Maybe she was better off with her neighbors hating her.


The P.I. Who Found Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time of year, but it’s anything but that for P.I. Billie Bly.
She has five days to find a seven-year-old Stephanie’s missing mother and the local business association demands she track down missing Christmas statues which are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Why would anybody steal life-size Santa and Snowmen statues bolted to the sidewalk? And how could the girl’s mother drop out of sight on a five-block walk home?
Her biggest problem, however, is how to solve these cases without help from her assistant’s loopy boyfriend.