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Science Fiction

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A Prncess of Bars

What if Captain John Carter, for the sake of self-aggrandizement, lied to Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs about his trips to Barsoom? What if Dejah, instead of descending from a lineage of “ten thousand jeddaks” (emperors) as Carter claimed, had begun life as an orphaned street urchin? And what if she preferred a giant, four-armed green man to him? Maybe the Martians looked upon Jack Carter with less favor than he claimed, some indeed with open contempt. Read Dejah’s assessment of Captain Carter in this action-packed short story, “A Princess of Bars.”
(A parody of "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs)



The Shadow of Armageddon

After a deadly worldwide pandemic, Matt Pringle’s scrounger gang flees across an empty world. He cannot dissuade orphan John Moore from joining them, despite the deadly pursuit of a larger rival gang. The boy soon finds gang life full of hardships instead of the adventures he expected. And learns that a Shadow more insidious than disease, starvation and casual violence haunts the world.