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Scars of the Past

A night out with the girls turns into a bad dream for college student, Madelyn Thomas. Feeling weak, violated, and ruined, Maddie must learn how to live life as a victim.

Out of the nightmare, an old friend that disappeared more than a year ago reappears. With his help and the help of her friends and family, she will learn that being the victim doesn't mean your life is over.

She will work on overcoming hurdles to reclaim her life, fall in love, and accept the person she has become. Along the way, she'll learn something about herself, too. She isn't the weak, ruined woman she thought she was but someone much stronger than she ever imagined. Not all of the scars left behind are visible but each one represents one thing...

That she survived.

*Adult Content Warning


Summer by the Lake

Shaylee Butler spent her childhood summers at Camp Holcomb, making friends, singing bad karaoke, and raising hell. Now as an adult, she’s back for the first time in years but this time to be a counselor instead of a trouble maker.
In between camp activities that run them ragged, cabin pranks that cause hysteria, and way more teenaged angst than Shaylee can handle, she finds herself drawn to another counselor.
The second she meets Drew Moore, Shaylee knows that he’s a cocky, obnoxious bastard. They start the summer as rivals but soon learn that the line between love and hate is a thin one. The person who drove her the craziest is also the one who can make her laugh the hardest. He has his own secrets, though.

What happens when the summer is over and it’s time to leave the lake behind?