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Once Upon a Bear Claw (A MM Short Story)

When a man who’d given up on fairy tales of happily ever after, met a man that was his dream come true, Dan Rochester fought it tooth and nail. When they run into each other at a bar, could that be the start of a happily ever after?


The Scars She Bears (An Executioners Short Story)

Mary Webb knew what hell was and that her own personal Devil was flesh and blood. Everyone knew she was crazy and she wouldn’t deny it. She understood pain—humiliation—and no way in fuck she was going to allow another man close enough to make her suffer again.

Bear King wanted a person of his own to love and care for, but the woman he’d fallen for wanted nothing to do with him. She looked at him and saw the beast her ex-husband proved men to be. He just wanted a chance to show her that he’d never do anything to hurt her—he just wanted to love her. He’d offer her anything, even allow her to use him as a temporary experiment to show her what love was. But could he walk away when his time with her came to an end? That he couldn’t answer.