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Iron Mayflies

In a future where immortality is available only to the wealthy, the only path to eternity for the working class is indentured servitude. Yet when immigrants are bonded into debt the moment they land on America's shores, will they even reach the infinite before their short mortal lives snuff out?

(Not a romance, even if that's my usual fare, but there's a minor M/F romantic subplot.)


Sometimes It Storms

Previously part of the IPPY Award-winning WINTER RAIN (Love in the Rain 2) charity anthology. All Ethan Randall has ever known is solitude. Solitude is safer. Solitude is something he can't ruin with the painful, unclean memories sleeping under his skin--memories that make him reject human contact, memories that turn every attempt to love into nothing but pain. Yet when he meets Aurelie—a woman who understands pain, her own scars rooted deep—her love may be the brilliance he needs to illuminate the dark inside him. The balm he needs on old wounds. And a much-needed lesson on how to live, even when old wounds won't heal: how to survive a love like storms without drowning, and how to find his voice beneath the thunder of his demons' roar.


Zero Day Exploit

Some mistakes are meant to be made twice.

Zero day exploit (noun): 1. An attack that penetrates a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer or system. 2. The kind of infuriating, manipulative man who gets under your skin and refuses to get out. And now, a one-night stand may turn out to be the biggest mistake of Zoraya Blackwell’s career.


The Saved: A Crow City Prequel Novella

Faith lost. Purpose found. And only the first step on the path into darkness.

Before he was a mysterious, silent killer stalking the streets of Crow City, the strange man known as Priest was a lost and broken soul—and part of Willow Armitage’s world in ways she could never have imagined. Shattered by the Afghanistan War, left with no companions other than fellow survivor Gabriel Hart, ex-Marine Priest turns to his lost faith for answers when his life has lost all meaning…but in searching for his God, he finds a new religion. A religion of blood. Of pain—and of vengeance.


The Fallen: A Crow City Prequel Novella

A broken man. A promise. And no reason left to hold on.

Reconnect with Gabriel, Maxi, and Gary in this free side story and glimpse into Gabriel Hart’s life before he met Leigh. Gabriel once thought he was indestructible—but when grief brings him low, it takes a hard and painful journey to teach him how to live again, and how to survive long enough to find his way back to the light, to the people who love him, and to a reason to fight.


CRIMINAL INTENTIONS Season One, Episode Nine-Point-Five: In Bloom

Ever wonder what happened to Seong-Ja after her big brother sent her packing back home in Season One? This 10K short lets you meet her partner in crime and the boyfriend who helped her commit identity theft and credit card across state lines – Trai. Read a sweet, brief follow-up about young love, about possible futures…and just how long Seong-Ja’s grounded for being the wonderful little monster she is.

Previously part of the Love Is All charity anthology. Part of a long-running series; cannot be read as a standalone.



Chase Reve has been the reigning champion of Delford Boys’ University’s underground fighting ring for his entire college career. Brutal, unstoppable, unbreakable, Chase will graduate in just a few weeks with a four-year unbroken winning streak.

Until an unknown newcomer knocks him out in one hit, and shatters his record.

Mattheus Latour is lithe, spry, quick—impossible to catch, even harder to stop, and for some reason he seems to have a personal grudge against Chase. But when Chase demands a private rematch to pit himself against Mattheus’s skills and reclaim his victory once and for all…

Both boys will learn that love is the cruelest bloodsport of all.

(This is pure PWP I wrote off the cuff, unconnected to any of my other stories. Stepbrothers, but newly met as adults and never raised together as brothers.)




Five lawyers in lingerie. One LGBTQIA charity photo shoot. What could go wrong? When an office memo goes around the law firm of Stockton, Stockton & Wells asking who's just a little naughty, law clerk Red Jacobson isn't sure if his stone-cold boss Corbin Stockton is testing their response to actionable behavior--or has been taken over by a pod person. What he finds, though, is neither as he discovers, beneath Corbin's impenetrable facade, a man committed to and passionate about fighting toxic masculinity in the queer community. Yet when a simple pinup photo shoot turns charged with latent attraction and breathless sensuality, Red will discover Corbin's passionate about more than that. Read RED, the first story in this collection, free ahead of the August 2018 release!


CRIMINAL INTENTIONS: Bitter + Sweet (CI: Other Worlds #1)

What if the characters of Criminal Intentions took a different path in life? What if Malcolm Khalaji was a big-bellied baker, and Seong-Jae Yoon a grouchy graphic designer? A vampire and a vampire hunter. A knight and a warlock. Cybernetic supersoldiers pitted against each other in a future war. Explore alternate universes, alternate lives…and find out everything and everyone Malcolm and Seong-Jae could ever be.

On the day of December’s first snow, the man in black walks into Malcolm’s bakery…and a single cupcake begins a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

Shy looks. Sweet curiosity. Slow smiles and softly ventured interest, until a snowed-in night and a strange situation open the door for more. For whispered names. For mutual understanding. For a longing as sweet as curls of thickly swirled icing, melting on the tongue and making each man crave the other’s luscious taste.


HIS COCKY VALET: After Story (Undue Arrogance #1.5)

It's been three years since spoiled playboy CEO Ash Harrington and his stiffly formal British valet, Brand Forsythe, swore to love each other through every strange and intricate tangle of their relationship of power, control, intimacy, submission...but a little meddling from Ash's father may bring trouble in paradise, and threaten the foundations of their trust in each other.

-A 65-page, multi-chapter novelette following Ash and Brand years into their relationship
-Two entirely new sex scenes
-A sneak preview of HIS COCKY CELLIST (Undue Arrogance #2--coming November 19th, 2018)
-Look I'm not saying there's wedding talk but I'm not saying there's not