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i am you are

Can you find meaning by tapping, clicking, and swiping?

Between his brief internet, and astrally projected hookups, Zach finds himself caught in the tedium of a day-in, day-out existence. This tedium is punctuated by a near-constant stream of text messages and DM's.

However, a one-night-stand somehow turns into a fulfilling relationship, and finally, Zach starts to make peace with settling down. Just when everything seems to be going well, Zach's demons come back to torment him.

With his life on the verge of falling apart, Zach is constantly haunted by the question that no philosopher or guru can answer.

What is the purpose of being alive?



Living with mental illness isn't easy...

Zach just left the hospital determined to get his life together. But life away from the support of a team of doctor’s and nurses isn't easy. The pervasive demons of psychosis persist no matter how much medication he’s on.

Zach is barely getting by when he runs into Emma online. The lovely, but anxious and self mutilating girl with dyed hair has demons of her own. Together they hitchhike to a sparsely populated, but majestic island.

As Zach and Emma get closer, they find themselves falling in love despite their dangerous idiosyncrasies. Will the pair be able to look past their own personal dervishes, or will mental illness unravel their blossoming love?