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Dithered Hearts

A gender-confused farmer desperate to reclaim her farm and escape her stepparents’ abuse. A closeted prince more interested in helping his people than finding a bride. A fairy godfather with a ton of secrets and no powers. In this diverse fairy tale, everyone is searching for a happy ending.

Everyone gets a chance to be the hero of their story, but happy endings seem impossible when they need more than magic to make them happen.


Just Some Things

Just Some Things is a free collection of three short stories about women loving women.

- All The Things We Lost And Found: Skyler gets a chance to apologize for teasing an old classmate when they run into each other at a museum. It's funny how what was so dorky about her classmate in school is now kind of hot.
- Things I Don't Give A **** About: Lisa starts an unusual project in an attempt to make her co-worker mad. All she ends up doing is falling for said co-worker.
- Sexy Things: Jada accidentally slept with her best friend last night. It turns out she wants to keep doing it.


My Heart Is Ready

The last thing Corsine ever expected to do was break into a vault and steal some rare seeds. She has a secret magic known as Maje flowing through her veins, but she’s never committed a crime before, and she’s terrified of the other Majerian hoarding the seeds at Rosales. But the risk is worth it if she can successfully prove how far she’ll go for her girlfriend.

Self-proclaimed harpy king Lester loves chasing rumors, but it’s hard to fly around and gossip while molting. However, he doesn’t have time to shed quietly when his best friend Corsine is behaving suspiciously about her trip to Rosales. Plus he’s dying to impress Corsine’s (hot) fearless traveling companion.

For Corsine and Lester, uncovering truths is easy, but revealing secrets is hard when love and friendship are on the line.