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Choked Up

After settling into Heather’s Forge and getting The Barrell Inn back on its feet, Inn owner and part-time sleuth Allie Garrett check in a mysterious guest. No sooner does the guest check-in than the owner of the town garage, Max Nash, checks out, for good.

Now Allie and her clue finding cat, Pixie, are at it again, with not much help from the local police. The deeper Allie digs, the more clues she finds about the mysterious town of Heather’s forge and the decades old Barrell Inn that she just inherited.


Green with Envy

Escaping a failed relationship and following an accidental dream, Allie Garrett has moved to Heather’s Forge to take over her Great Aunt’s Inn following her untimely death, but everything isn’t all as it seems when Pixie, the Cat Allie inherited, begins to turn up clues that something else may be going on in Heather’s Forge.

After being closed for six months, The Barrell Inn has reopened, just in time for the Holidays and thanks to Allie Garrett. Met by both resistance and open arms from the locals, Allie attempts to fill the big shoes her Great Aunt left behind.