Alan Spade worked for eight years for the press, reviewing video games. In his youth, he acquainted himself with the classic French authors, while immersing himself in the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, J. R. R. Tolkien and Stephen King.

That wide range of influences is reflected in his style, simultaneously approachable, visually evocative and imaginative.

Alan likes to say that "a good book is like a good old pair of shoes: you feel at ease inside, comfortable."

The Breath of Aoles is his third book: previously, he wrote a fantasy novel for two years, between 2001 and 2003, but after submitting it to publishers, he decided the story wasn't good enough. He didn't try to publish it anymore. Then he wrote a Science Fiction short stories collection, and then, for six years, The Breath of Aoles.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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A brief history of Ardalia

At a time when Ardalia was still young, the krongos, people of the rock, and accomplished builders, ruled the world. Their cities were legendary, unforgettable. But soon, a split occurred between the Northerners and the Westerners. Valshhyk the Immolated, god of fire and destruction, took the opportunity to expand his territories and destroy almost everything. A mage, Ekelran, had to resort to the greatest sacrifice in order to give the world a chance to carry on.

The book is a science fantasy adventure in a world, Ardalia, populated with aliens belonging to the four elements, air, water, wind and fire.

As a bonus: the five first chapters of The Breath of Aoles are also included.


Ardalia: The Breath of Aoles (Book One)

Pelmen hates being a tanner, but that’s all he would ever be, thanks to the rigid caste system amongst his people, the hevelens. Then he meets Master Galn Boisencroix and his family. The master carpenter opens up a world of archery to young Pelmen, who excels at his newfound skill. But Pelmen’s intractable father will have none of it.
One day, however, Pelmen’s best friend and Master Galn’s son, Teleg, disappears. Lured away by the prospect of untold riches through mining amberrock, the most precious substance in the world, Teleg finds himself a prisoner of the Nylevs, fierce fire-wielding worshippers of the god of destruction.
Now Pelmen must leave all he knows behind, overcome his fears and travel across the land, in search of his childhood friend.