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Lewis Alerson is a US-based book author who is best known for writing self-help books. He is passionate about helping people by educating them through his books regarding the things affecting them in a negative way.

His goal in life is simple-to keep writing books that impact the lives of his readers in a positive way with the intention to give them the tools they need to solve the problem they’re facing.

His books are relatively easy to use, makes you feel that there’s hope for you, shows you that the author understands your problems, gets you to commit to working with the book, and gives you at least some advice right away.



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Growth Mindset: The Door to Achieving More

This book helps you discover the scientific backing behind growth mindset and gives you all of the mindset training techniques and strategies you need to foster a growth mindset in your own life. When you maximize your mind power, you increase your ability to fulfil your potential and master your life.

This book is not just about writing senseless self-help jargon into a book and sending you off with generic, inauthentic advice. Rather, this book is based on teaching you specific information regarding growth mindset and how you can use this valuable mindset strategy for growth hacking, mental toughness, building self-esteem and self-confidence, changing the way you think, having greater self-control, improving your focus, and having success in reaching your goals.


Emotional Intelligence

Do you ever feel out of touch with your emotions? Unable to fully comprehend how you feel about certain situations, or struggle to make meaningful connections with others?

This book delves into the aspects of emotional intelligence, and how to enhance your score so that you may have a better quality of life and more success. You will learn how to master your emotional intelligence through self-awareness and reflection. Once you can understand your emotional connections, you can better understand the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others.

Start retraining your way of thinking to include more emotional investment and start seeing more meaning in your life.

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