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R I Heslop lives in Ovingham, Northumberland, UK with his beautiful wife, two affectionate cats, and two ugly mortgages for two of his four children and two grandchildren. He has been writing on and off for years and has written a children's novel, (Bottle) a science fiction thriller with a friend (Globe), a paranormal romance (Annie's Ghost) under his own name and all available on the Kindle as well as a teenage/young adult series (Growing Pains of a Teenage Werewolf) about werewolves and vampires under the name of Skelton Rickerby, also on the Kindle. His biggest regret is that years ago he didn’t continue writing even after being rejected many times by traditional publishers. He did obtain an agent (one of the best for children’s fiction at the time – Murray Pollinger) for his children’s horror novel, Bottle, but the offers he received would have meant carving the essence out of the book and he wasn’t prepared to do that. Amazon has given him the chance to publish without interference from the middle men who are only in any case offering an opinion and in many cases in the past have been proved to be totally wrong.


Teen & Young Adult

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Growing Pains of a Teenage Werewolf Books 1 to 4

Blood will have blood. Romeo and Juliet. Two teenagers madly in love.
Growing Pains of a Teenage Werewolf follows two adolescents madly in love facing the usual problems of growing up. Young love never burned so bright, so beautiful or so dangerously. Think of Romeo and Juliet but with a difference.
Mark and Mercedes are, on the face of it, ordinary teenagers but both boy and girl are astonishingly beautiful with movie star looks and figures to match. Mark is tall for his age and apart from his beauty he appears to be a normal 17 year old except that he is very clever. Mercedes, like many 16 year old girls, could be anything from 13 to 25. She too is exceptionally clever. The other thing these beautiful people have in common is that they are the off spring of werewolves & vampires.