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Allan Brewer was born in 1948 in Ramsgate, on the Kent Coast. Spending his early years living in a basement flat in a large seaside hotel, where his father was the accountant, as a child he remembers 'hanging out' with telephonists, chefs and residents. His schooling years were spent in the London suburbs, but he has lived most of his life in the Westcountry. After a degree in Pharmacy from Nottingham University, he built a successful career in authoring software, but later returned to science, researching for a PhD in Computational Biochemistry at Bristol. He is now retired in Bristol where he is bringing up his granddaughter, walking her dog and writing.

He maintains a blog of quirky and fringe (but real) science on his website:


Science Fiction

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Schrödinger's Dog (preview)

"A wonderful mix of paradox, conundrum, and romance! " - Goodreads review
"Well written, great characters, terrific story." - Amazon review.
"A love affair between two of the protagonists leaves one of them in distress, and I found myself really feeling his tears at his loss. That means that the writing was first class." - Amazon review

Alex has covertly broken through the accepted rules of physics to produce an extraordinary technology which ultimately causes a catastrophe. Romance, action, despair and guilt clash as he and his colleagues desperately struggle to put things right.