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Soothing Suffering, Black Shamrocks MC Introductory Novella

To stop her sinking beneath the shame.
He needs to rise above his guilt.

Madelaine O’Brien is drowning beneath the emotional scars left by her destructive relationship with her first boyfriend.

Mikhail “Mad Dog” Kennedy knows he made a near-fatal error the day he walked away from Maddi, leaving her in the abusive clutches of the man he thought she’d chosen over him.

She’s on the cusp of giving up. He’s stricken by guilt and unsure how to fix her. Apart, they’re both doomed to suffer. Together, they might just stand a chance.

Soothing Suffering is an introductory novella to give you a taste of the Internationally Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC Series. If you enjoy gritty, authentic, and sexy MC reads, then you’ll love Kylie Hillman’s unique take on MC romance.


Seizing Control

Now an Internationally Bestselling Series.

Madelaine O'Brien is a survivor. She's been through every woman's worst nightmare and come out the other side intact.

Mikhail "Mad Dog" Kennedy is her salvation. He's been by her side since the beginning. Strong, solid, and true.

From the outside their relationship appears impenetrable. When Maddi's past rears his ugly head, can their seemingly rock-solid love withstand the relentless campaign?


Conquering Cicrumstances

Conquering Circumstances is a bonus novella told from the POV of the main antagonist in the international bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series.

Wendy Markham. Gentle. Compassionate. Loyal. Step-mother to five headstrong children, long-time partner of the cantankerous ex-President of the Black Shamrocks MC, and the woman everyone turns to in a crisis.

Patrick "Beast" O'Brien. Brutal. Merciless. Duplicitous. A father in name only, traitor to his own Club, and a man living on borrowed time.

He's broken all of the rules, hurt the one's closest to him, and then run away like a coward. She's been left behind to clean up his mess.

Will he return and face the consequences of his actions so he can support Wendy while she fights for her life?



*Insta-love, royal romance novella between a reluctant Crown Prince and the admin assistant he accidentally runs into... literally*

See for further information.