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Destructive Luxe Novella 2.5

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when that person is ripped out of your life unexpectedly. Before she loses him for good, Lilith makes up her mind whether she’ll forgive and move forward with Justin.
Ian thinks she should tell him off and forget him, but he knows it’s not a possibility and he’d rather she be happy than hurt anymore.
Everyone is moving forward, including Lilith as she pushes Luxe further.
Let’s get a little more destructive.


Destructive Gods Book 1.5-A Luxe Novella

This novella follows immediately after Destructive Gods.
The Luxe road starts to twist into filagree.
Lily’s accepted to remain the mistress but what goes around comes around.
Living the life Ian is trying to maintain has her on edge, on the brink of jumping.
One thing is certain though, and that’s she loves him unconditionally.
He’s irreplaceable. Even when sexy Justin Borg starts paying for her time.
Justin’s only a client…for however long it takes to become more.