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Historical Romance


Rebecca Janet

nice cover :)

Elsa Joseph

I love the front cover of this book!

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Arrogant son of a Bridget

Neighbors to lovers...

When Alison gets the chance to buy neighbor Drake at the fireman ball she doesn't hesitate to snap him up!

They have spent their entire lives at each other's throats. Some say that there is a thin line between love and hate. 

Alison and Drake are about to find out just how thin it is.


MATED to the Big Bad Wolves: Tales From Little Red

MATED to the Big Bad Wolves:
This prequel introduces a dark new series that reimagines the Little Red Riding Hood saga...

There is a loneliness that clings to Scarlett, as tangible as it is heartbreaking. She once dreamed of having another life. But the death of her father kept her working behind the scenes of her family bakery instead of seeking out her destiny.

With a desperate hope to change fate, Scarlett’s mother sends her out into the woods with a delivery of baked goods and into the arms of the big bad wolves.

Will Scarlett be consumed by the wolves? Find out in MATED to the Big Bad Wolves - Tales from Little Red.

MATED to the Big Bad Wolves is an adult dark fairy tale. This very steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.