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Karl Beckstrand

This title reminds me of "Stop that Ball" a childhood favorite of mine.

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Crossing Lines

Drawn into fighting the environmental battle over African oil, Michael must decide who the real villains are and what he is prepared to fight for...

At the end of his gap-year helping children in Nigeria, Michael is swept up in the idealistic adventures of the BioGuardians - an extreme group of protesters heavily against the construction of the Chad-Cameroon oil pipe line.

With high hopes of making a difference somewhere in his life, Michael quickly finds out that there are factions desperate to ensure the pipeline's construction and that the battle the BioGuardians are fighting may be verging on obsession

This urgent, intense adventure pushes Michael to the edge and makes him question who the bad guy really is, as the lines between right and wrong become increasingly crossed.


Freddie Figg & the Science Room Squid

Freddie Figg has a problem. A pink, tentacled, slime-covered problem. And he’s the only one that can solve it.

It started as an ordinary day for Freddie Figg, but science class, and a special dissection experiment, has brought a monster to school. With no one believing what Freddie has seen - can he save the school from a tentacled, slimy doom?

Find out in “Freddie Figg & the Science Room Squid” - book one of the Freddie Figg series.


The Bees (Down in the Garden)

Down in the garden beyond the apple trees,
is a fading blue hive, full of busy bees...

Join the bees down in the garden on a day of fun, danger and adventure in this beautifully illustrated picture book.

With a whimsical story and crisp, original illustrations, this is a story your children will want to read again and again.


How Far Will It Bounce?

Take a trip of fun and adventure with this little blue ball as it goes down the front steps, out the gate and into the big wide world. With vivid illustrations and a fun, sing-song rhythm, your children are sure to love this journey.

Recommended for children aged 2 - 5. This picture book is also available in paperback or hardcover from your favourite online retailer, or