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D.D. Scarlet has always enjoyed the creative release found in writing. She is naturally introverted and growing up in the Australian bush in partial isolation, the beasts of the land became her familiars, and when life threw at her dangers and challenges, as life does to us all, her instincts peeked through the chaos and she quickly reverted to the primal behaviours imprinted on her during her childhood.
She is naturally happy and vivacious and sure, she can work a crowd like a celebrity when the need arises, or she simply feels the call, but once her desires have been satisfied she happily retreats back to her lair where she no longer has to conform to the societal smokescreens that enslave humanity and exhaust her.
Aside writing, her other interests are of a Spiritual/Supernatural/Paranormal nature… She has a passion for all forms of energy whether they be based in physics, blood, magic, prayer or the paranormal. Throwing open the lid of Pandora’s Box and investigating all the shiny things within both excites and pleases her.
How much of her writing is based on fact and/or actual experiences..? The real question, is how much of it isn’t?


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