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Women's Fiction

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He'd shown up on my doorstep one day out of the blue, he should’ve never been let in…
Axle was a heartache in tight blue jeans and he wanted me. He was the first man to ever make my insides go white hot with just a wink of his violet blue eyes.
I should’ve run, I know that now, if I would've just run then nothing bad would’ve ever happened…
After years of simmering, the heat just went up…
A trip to the mall had me finding a woman I’d been crazy about for years and she was finally free of my brother, or so I thought.
Roxy and I connected right away. I knew she was it for me. And I was it for her too. Things were going so well, until we moved back to our hometown and my brother decided he wanted what I had. Just like the bad old days…