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Imogen is a self-published author who started writing paranormal romance novels in 2017. Her debut novel was Dragongrove: Mated to the Dragon King, the first book in the Dragongrove series.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters. One of her favorite activities is looking at old houses, especially anything built before 1800. She fantasizes about the day she can buy a house that's old enough to definitely be haunted.



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Dragongrove: Mated to the Dragon King

She doesn't trust him.
There’s no reason he should need what he’s asking for; besides, she has an estate full of patients to look after.
It doesn’t matter that he’s helpful, or that he’s persuasive, or that he’s the most magnificent man she’s ever seen.

He needs her.
He could just storm the house and take exactly what he wants.
Really, though, there’s no fun in that when there’s a pretty little mortal woman to seduce.