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Vitha and the Dragon

Before Reslo watched over Old Column Road, his father fought a Dragon.

For years, Galeberth's soldiers have fought to wrest control of Miradep from the Sylvan Elves. Vitha, an amateur historian and Tree-Singer, is in search of the mystical forest's origins He wants no part of the war that rages around him, but he is given no choice in the matter when his entire village is slain by Dragonfire. With his Dryad companion, Vitha embarks on a quest for vengeance, even if it means his death. When he finds himself aiding a beautiful acolyte of the Huntress in her own quest, Vitha finds there may still be reasons not to rush to his demise against the Dragon.

For those who have read "Road of the Lost," this story makes for a great read to those wanting to know more about Miradep's history.