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The Virgin of Galilee

The thirteen-year old Galilean beauty Mariam is both popular and bold. A glorious life lies ahead of her. But when a Roman soldier assaults her and leaves her pregnant, Mariam's life comes to a halt. Who would want her now? The only man offering his hand in marriage is the aging widower Yosef. At first Mariam balks, but soon resigns to her fate. No respectable youngster would agree to raise her illegitimate baby. When her son is born and all the crazies flock to see him, Mariam realizes her son Yeshua is no ordinary child...

The Virgin of Galilee is an alternative historical novella that tells the story of how Jesus's parents met. It's the prequel to the critically lauded novel, The Transmigrant, about Jesus's lost years and his search for enlightenment.