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Machine Sickness

Oil Isn't All It Destroys…

The GMO bacterium Deirdre Davis created was intended to clean up oil spills.
But now it's scouring the planet-
And not in a good way.

She though she could trust her colleagues.
But one of them has corrupted the bacteria's DNA.

America's disintegrating around her.
Spooks and cops are on her tail.
Whom can she trust?
Her best course of action: grab her gun and a good-looking cowboy and head for the hills!

The cat's out of the bag, claws out! Can D.D. and her motley crew of survivors cram it back in…
Before it's too late?

Download the explosive first entry Machine Sickness in the Eupocalypse series by sci-fi writer Peri Dwyer Worrell and get in on the action right now!