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Kingshold - Preview

The King is dead. Long live the people!

The king is dead, and the monarchy dissolved by the ancient wizard Jyuth. In one month, a new lord protector is to be chosen by the rich and powerful of Edland. Chance brings together Mareth, a washed up bard, Neenahwi, the daughter of Jyuth, and Alana, a servant girl. Can they navigate assassins, monsters, pirates, demons, and the greed of a few, to help elect a protector for the good of all? Twenty-eight days of epic fantasy adventure.



Twin Lies: A Tale of Kingshold

Florian, soldier, mercenary and future friend of Motega, is a man with a history.

As he and a new recruit watch the smoke rise above the liberated city of Redpool, Florian recounts the tale of how he joined the army and acquired some surprising nicknames. A tale of being there for your family when it counts, and not living up to your own high standards.

This is A Tale of Kingshold: Twin Lies, a short story in the world of Kingshold. Check out more details of the soon to be released Kingshold at