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Animal Empath (11/27 chapters)

A country divided by magic. A teen caught in the middle. Can her quest for healing save the ones she loves?

Haylee lives in a world of haves and have-nots. Like her mother, she has yet to manifest a gift for magic. Meanwhile, her father uses his gift to torture his wife. After witnessing such cruelty, Haylee’s eyes are opened…

To save her mother, Haylee seeks out a fabled sage who lives on the top of a mountain. She must first cross a treacherous wilderness filled with prowling predators.

The journey triggers something incredible Haylee’s never felt before. But will it be enough to complete her quest and save her people?

If you like inspirational heroines, original magic systems, and dark, yet hopeful coming-of-age stories, then pick up Animal Empath to rediscover magic today!