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Chuck AndersonĀ is an art student, publisher, and a writer. He lives in Colorado, and he has a weakness for muscle cars. Contact him at cksanderson at gmail dot com and www dot madcow dot press.


Science Fiction

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Mech Troopers

There's beer in Texarkana, and there's civil war in Texas. Armed with combat mechs, Bandit and his small platoon of fighting machines must fight behind enemy lines to save themselves. This novella is the first tale in Mech Trooper series.


Europa Ghost Story

n the darkness of Jupiter, terror is unleashed because humans have trespassed on Europa.

Wayne Faust and Charles Eugene Anderson's Dark Curtain Saga is rich, a multi-layered space-opera horror story that will scare you. Europa Ghost Story is a small and terrifying tale taking place during man's first ventures to Europa. A space-spectre stalks our solar system and waits patiently for someone to take evil back to Earth.

Will you take the nightmare home?