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Science Fiction

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Arms of Chaos

Just as Katelyn Donovan is ready to move on with her war-torn life her haunting past catches up with a vengeance. Complete with the resurfacing of the remnants of Project KAOSS, her world is suddenly catapulted into the catastrophe of forgotten foes, lost allies and the race towards anything that remains of her hopes at any lingering chance of freedom.


System's Edge

Having faced down the impending threats behind the mystery of her past, life at the Wicker Basket bookstore hasn’t gotten any simpler for Katelyn Donovan. Still wanted by the paramilitary unit that’s hunted her for years and haunted by the reasons behind their pursuit, she’s now forced to contend with the very meaning of her existence; all while maintaining her shift at the store and dealing with the emotional fallout of the people closest to her. But when she stumbles across a young boy on the run from a kidnapping the aftermath guides them both towards a path that could redefine the future of their entire world.



Estranged from his father and fraught with the loosening bonds of his closest personal ties, Dante’s descent into the shadows of Sommerset will force him to come to terms with the agents of justice and retribution across the span of generations and bring to bear any hope of surviving the promise of this city; a place where a gun’s the law and an extremely thin line separates the forces of civilized order and the unrelenting threat of destruction.