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Cherry Kisses (Fenix and Jared's First Valentine's Day)

Jared and Fenix have been blissfully happy together for six months. On their first Valentine’s Day as a couple, they decide to surprise each other with carefully thought out plans that take both men out of their comfort zones.
Only, they have no idea they’ve both planned something for the other.
A day full of surprises can be very exciting, or turn out to be a complete disaster...


Heart Eyes (Adam and Penn's First Valentine's Day)

Adam Fischer doesn’t like Valentine’s Day.
Why? For starters, he’s never been in a relationship on the day and has never had a chance to celebrate with someone who cares for him. But also, the constant PDAs from loved-up couples, and the ridiculous, tacky decorations are driving him up a wall.
This year, however, Adam wants to do something fun with his boyfriend Penn Shields, but is finding it hard to come up with ideas that are not a cliché, or that don’t involve foil, heart-shaped balloons.
With the help of his friends Jared and Fenix, Adam and Penn have a blast on their first Valentine’s Day together, and maybe, just maybe, Adam could be convinced the holiday has its merits.