Teen & Young Adult


K. Evan Coles

Helena Stone's stories are a wonderful mix of sweet, sensual, and smart and this novella was no exception. Seb and Rutger captured my heart from their very first meeting and immersing myself in their world was a true pleasure.

K.C. Wells

From their electric meeting at the airport, you just know these two have chemistry, and boy, do they have it.<br /> <br /> Then you spend the rest of the book waiting for That Moment when everything clicks into place.<br /> <br /> And when it comes, it does not disappoint.<br /> <br /> Gloriously sensual, feel-good book. I didn't want it to end.

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Christmas on Adelaide Road

One month after settling into his new life with Aidan Cassidy, nineteen-year-old Lennart Kelly is about to experience his first ever traditional Christmas. From stuffing and cooking a turkey to the intricacies of giving and receiving presents, Aidan and his family show Lennart the true meaning of an Irish Christmas.