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"Read one of Abdiel LeRoy’s books and more than likely you’ll reach for the others!"
San Francisco Review of Books

A former journalist and religion correspondent, Abdiel LeRoy is a British-American author whose life is largely inspired by the Bible, Shakespeare, and the great epic poem, 'Paradise Lost'. He has memorized thousands of lines of poetry and can come up with an instant quote for every situation!

These passions are especially evident in his own epic poetry. His signature work, ELIJAH, reimagines the great Old-Testament prophet's ministry and miracles, and in OBAMA'S DREAM, he takes the former president on a night-time journey of transformation to expose the destructive traits of empire handed over to Donald Trump.

Political theatre is also seen through the lens of poetry in VERSES VERSUS EMPIRE, Abdiel's three-volume series covering in turn the Bush, Obama, and Trump eras. Meanwhile, famed British actors such as Dame Judi Dench and Sir Kenneth Branagh are reading Abdiel's poems in BBC broadcasts. These are included in Abdiel's WELL VERSED collection.

In non-fiction, Abdiel brings DUELING THE DRAGON, his memoir of triumph and trial crafted over a decade in China. And in THE GOURMET GOSPEL: A SPIRITUAL PATH TO GUILT-FREE EATING, he restores the soul of humanity while showing how diets and low-fat foods are a path to condemnation.

As an actor, Abdiel has embodied most of the major Shakespearean roles, and on stages from New York to London to Beijing, though perhaps his most famous appearance is in the hit short film series, The Expert. Meanwhile, his narration skills make for lively and dramatic readings, including his self-narrated audiobooks.

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