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Leanne Leeds spent her gap year running away to the circus, and that time spent in a traveling fair was the inspiration for the Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Mystery series. Leanne grew up reading about Trixie Beldin, Nancy Drew, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield while developing a love for the mysteries she now writes. She lives in the rural United States with her husband, daughter, and a house full of cats that would sound like Samson if they could talk.



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Charlotte's Rendezvous

Step right up to the Magical Midway - where nothing is as it seems.

Non-practicing witch Charlotte Astley needed a date to her human friend Tabitha's wedding. This is what her friend Tabitha keeps telling her, anyway. As Charlotte gears up for yet another blind date she knows won't work out because of her telepathic secret she doesn't know that the handsome Aidan Parker is hiding a secret of his own.

Charlotte’s Rendezvous is a quick short story that takes place before Book 1 and introduces readers to Aidan Parker, a human friend of Charlotte’s that will be back for midway shenanigans in Catastrophic Charms, Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Series Book 4.