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Their Spoiled Brat

We want someone we can call our own, someone that will be our brat.

Sharing is caring they say, or at least that’s what the Wright Twins say. Threes never a crowd when it comes to these brothers and when Stephanie Sander’s answers their AD on a dating website, they know they’ve hit the jackpot.

Twin Alpha’s set on making every girls fantasy my reality. Selling my virginity was never an option until it became the only thing I had left. In order to stay in school I needed to come up with money, and a lot of it. One date with the Wright twins and I would be set for awhile, until I met them, and let them bring me back to their mansion.


Their Spoiled Virgin

The Cress Twin’s always get what they want…

Baileys a virgin. The one thing that twin brothers Tyler and Logan Cress try their hardest to stay away from. Yet one look at her and they both know they need to have her…

Theres this deep rooted desire to possess her body, to bend her at our own will. Just one taste we tell each other, until she lets us taste her, and the carnal need to be hers takes over.

She’s never been with one man let alone two but we aren’t about to give up… we know deep down inside she can take both of us.

Yeah, she might be too naive, and young for my brother and I but one taste will never be enough for us… One slip inside her warm hole and we’re both done.

She’s going to be our’s no matter what she thinks…

WARNING: contains TWO very hot alpha twin


Project: Rogue (Project Series #2)

Maggie’s entire life has been a lie, right down to the day of her birth. With changes overtaking her body, and questions mounting, Maggie has to find a way back to her father, the only person who actually knows what is going on inside of her.

Fear surround her daily as memories from a life she has never lived resurface.
Faced with no other options, she is forced to join the Brotherhood. There, her connection with Killer grows deeper and deeper.

Soon, lines are not only crossed but also blurred and she begins to wonder who the real enemies in all this are…



Seducing The Virgin

Contains M/F/M themes.

She didn't think her virginity had a price tag.... she was wrong.

When Fox Smith locks eyes on the sweet little lamb known as Raven he can't help but wonder if she would melt under his touch.

He's not in the business of buying women for sex, and he doesn't need an inexperienced virgin clinging to his side all hours of the day and night but he feels drawn to her and knows more than anyone that what you see on the outside is nothing more than an image painted to cover up your own dirty secrets.

Fox knows Raven isn't telling the truth about why she needs the money from the auction and he's going to get her to spill the beans one way or another.

Raven Miller isn't the type to sell her virginity at auction but she has no choice it's the only thing she has left t



Kingpin Love Affair Series (The Complete Collection)

A complete series, with over 200,000 words, and over 200 chapters. 5 BOOKS!

"This DARK as hell Mafia romance is sure to wet your panties..."

Warning: This series contains adult themes such as: rape, violence, death, sexual content, and physical, and emotional abuse which may be a trigger to others.

Best Selling Author J.L. Beck brings you a book series where the love is scorching hot, and the danger is just as intense...

This boxed set contains a new release, with a never before seen novella written strictly as a gift for J.L. Beck fans.

Indebted: With over 30,000 copies sold world wide in the last six months alone, discover what some are calling their favorite mafia romance of all time.


Cock Tease (My Dad's Best Friend Romance #1)

He's my Dad's Best Friend but I don't care...

Carly was such a c#ck tease with her sexy curves, and sassy mouth. I should’ve known better than to kiss her, let alone want more. I mean come on' she's my best friend's daughter and hardly of legal age.

Still, she's tempted me for far too long turning my curiosity into an obsession. Now I’m going to claim her as my own, and no one not even her daddy is going to keep us apart.

-This book contains and older alpha male, with a hard on for a sassy young virgin. Contain’s elements of instalove, sex scenes that will melt your Kindle and as always an HEA that's sugary sweet.-