Finn Manning writes about idiots afraid to fall in, the push and pull between reason and attraction and odd couples who can’t help but be drawn to each other. Finn writes young adult books that explore coming of age, coming out and the magic that occurs when falling in love. Finn is a sucker for long walks on the beach, dancing in the rain, kissing under the stars, and of course, happily ever after. Finn lives on the West Coast, loves books and tv shows and dreams of supporting himself and his dog as a self-published author.


Teen & Young Adult

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One Little Word

What if the most popular guy in high school asked you for a favor?
Ryan is a loser. Even teachers are more popular than him. But that isn’t why he helps a gorgeous baseball player. This is his opportunity to teach the jock a well-deserved lesson.

Luke is the the king of his school. But when his crown is threatened, he’s forced into an uneasy alliance with his kingdom’s biggest loser, a guy who hates him… so why is the athlete is falling for him anyway?

Fearing his feelings, Luke wants to return to his normal life. Ryan wants a boyfriend who wants him back. And when someone else is willing to be that guy, Luke must speak up or risk losing Ryan. One word brought them together, how many will it take to make Ryan stay?

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When We Were Strangers Extra

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What Love Means Preview

Max is a thrill-seeker on the road but doesn’t take chances with his heart. He has a loving (and annoying) family, a part-time job, and his motorcycle. He doesn’t need anything or anyone else. Certainly not a blonde rich kid who’s never had to work for anything in his life.

Cal might not have a job, but he’s always busy. Getting into a good college takes work and it’s worth it even if he doesn’t have any time for himself. He doesn’t need a rugged dark-haired boy distracting him.

When Max and Cal’s siblings start competing in spelling bees, these opposites are thrown together. They have nothing in common. Except for their attraction to each other. Max and Cal know how to spell love, but they’re about to find out what it means.


Entirely Too Gay

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Then beat ‘em.
The days of being bullied are over for Alfonso Flores. A transformative summer leaves the junior bigger and buffer, but why does he join the wrestling team? A guy, of course.

To get closer to Dallas, Alfonso will brave the testosterone-filled macho world of groping other guys for sport. At least wrestling seems easier than dealing with his overprotective father. Or grappling with his newfound feelings for his former tormentor.

As the year progresses, Alfonso realizes his physical changes were only the beginning. And he doesn’t recognize or like the person he’s becoming. Can he win the battles ahead and get the guy without losing himself?