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Lily Travelle is a walking wet dream. When Tarq Marcellus is first introduced to her, he loses his mind in want of her delectable body, right in the middle of a business meeting. When he tries to use his power of persuasion to wipe out the memory of his major faux pas, it doesn’t work—humans aren’t supposed to be immune to the powers of immortals.

The next time they cross paths, it’s shortly after he’s been buried deep in a multitude of women, trying to get Lily out of his system. Not one of them could satisfy his new craving for dark hair and green eyes. This time, Tarq is going to have Lily in every way possible—and she’s going to love it.



Quin Marcellus has lived with a broken heart for over a century. He uses sex to bury emotions and to ensure the ice surrounding his heart remains intact. Lately, he’s been feeling an itch he just can’t seem to scratch, no matter how many females or males he gets underneath him.

On a whim, he attends a Vendita di Innocenza—a virginity auction—at Club Shadow. When he sees Vanessa, a gorgeous redheaded succubus, he knows he’ll do anything to have her. But Vanessa’s not the sex kitten type he’s used to. As she stumbles her way onto the auction block, Quin decides he’ll be the one to teach her what her body can do. He’s not prepared for the toll it takes on his heart.

Quin is the second book of the Shadow, Inc. Series. Each book is a standalone novella.