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The Half Dragon of Yaerna: The Ilkas Diamond (Book 0)

This novelette is Book 0 of the Half Dragon of Yaerna series.

With green dragons hunted to near extinction for their emerald eyes, Reimar lives his life on the run and in the shadows. Although he appears to be human, he hides what he really is... A half green dragon.

Before Reimar Pinespell ever heard the prophecy of the Winged One, before he met Cassandra and the others, and before he was on the run from the Tumblers... there was the Ilkas Diamond Job.

Reimar remembers back to when he was with his friends in the Tumblers. One of them, Aliz, delivers a note from Dmetri, the leader of the gang. Reimar is tasked with retrieving a town's most prize possession: The Ilkas Diamond.

Taking Aliz along with him, they will have to deal with bandits, an odd ally, and a well protected bank.