K.E. O'Connor loves to write, make up new worlds, new possibilities, and characters, and share stories for others to enjoy.

Living in stunning East Anglia in the UK, she writes in a number of genres, including YA paranormal adventure, paranormal cozy mystery and sci-fi romance (under the pen name Arcadia Shield.)

Her writing has mystery, adventure, excitement and some romance thrown in to make things even more stimulating.

She has nine series:

Under the name K.E. O'Connor

The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance) - 6 books in a complete series
Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure) - 4 books in a complete series
Old Sarum Witch mysteries (cozy paranormal mysteries) - 3 books and counting
Crypt Witch mysteries (cozy paranormal mysteries) - 3 books and counting
Lorna Shadow mysteries (cozy ghost mysteries) - 11 books and counting
Zee Town mysteries (cozy paranormal mysteries) - 5 books with one more to come

Under the pen name Arcadia Shield:

Vortex Alien Warriors (steamy sci-fi romance) - 4 books in a complete series
My Single Alien (fun, slightly steamy sci-fi romance) - 6 books and counting
Ember Quest (hot adventure and romance) - 5 books with one more to come

If you want a taste of her series, you can get many of the first books in the series for free! If you have a KU subscription you can read all of the Lorna Shadow books, Crypt Witch books, and My Single Alien series for free.

Step into an adventure and have some fun!


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult
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Shoku (sci-fi romance - My Single Alien prequel)

My Single Alien. A new dating agency matching fertile human females with aliens. What could go wrong?

Vegas Munro is about the land the job of her dreams at My Single Alien. Then a randy alien with tentacles lands in her lap and everything spirals out of control.

Shoku is on a mission. Earth is full of fertile, desperate females, and he wants one. When he meets Vegas, he discovers not everyone loves tentacles. Driven by his desire to mate, he pursues her and learns there's more to love than moist tentacles and warm spaceships.

Start this new sci-fi romance adventure by meeting Vegas and Shuko. Fans of Ruby Lionsdrake will enjoy the adventure, aliens, and humor in this series.