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The Incurables (Chronicles of the Worldcracker, Book 1) FREE SNEAK PREVIEW

In this alternate Earth, magic is real, but illegal. Miracles cost a fortune. And King Trystan II is fresh out of cash.

Reigning in an alternate 1979 Great Britain where feudalism never ended, King Trystan faces a terrorist insurgency. His father lost the magical sword Worldcracker that kept House Taranstroy's throne safe. And with the saints of his House decaying, Trystan can no longer buy peace.

The assassination of Trystan's son triggers vicious reprisals. The lords of Britain plot a coup.

Meanwhile, an undercover magician in the pay of Brussels struggles to contain an outbreak of illegal magic.

All that can save the kingdom from disintegration is the sword Worldcracker. But when the magical blade does turn up, its finder is a wildly unlikely hero.

For starters, he's only nine…



Freefall: A First Contact Technothriller (Earth's Last Gambit Trilogy, Book 1) SNEAK PEEK CHAPTERS 1-6

An alien ship is orbiting Europa. As chaos grips Earth, pilot Jack Kildare joins a risky project to send a few astronauts to Europa to meet the aliens ... or to meet their doom.



The Galapagos Incident

As a Space Corps agent in the year 2285, Elfrida Goto doesn’t expect to be liked. Her job is to help and protect colonists in space … but they usually don’t want to be helped, and the squatters on 11073 Galapagos are no exception.

Tasked with evacuating them from their doomed asteroid, Elfrida struggles with an uncooperative telepresence robot and an angry local liaison. It doesn’t help that she’s got a crush on her boss, the aloof and intriguing Gloria dos Santos.

But when a lethal AI fleet attacks Elfrida's home base, her mission changes in a hurry. Now, she has just one chance to save the people of 11073 Galapagos. Fighting was never in her job description … but she’ll just have to learn.Fast.

The Galapagos Incident is Book 1 of the Sol System Renegades series.