Kitty Barstow is a lover of books, rescue dogs, and vanilla ice cream…but that’s the only vanilla thing about her. She writes sexy stories by day and works as bartender extraordinaire at nights. Many of her stories are inspired by the high jinx at the bars she’s worked.

From steamy to panty melting, she’s got stories for everyone with plenty of gorgeous AF heroes and sassy heroines!



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A Taste of Kitty

Welcome to the fictional small-town of Rockville where the premiere nightclub, Naughty Nights, serves up tasty cocktails and tantalizing fantasies that you can devour in ninety minutes or less.

I hope you enjoy this box set which premieres three naughty stories:

Three Wise Men is an M/M/M fantasy of three best friends who have gone rogue.

Screaming Org*sm features a good-girl lawyer who finally gets her first big ‘O’ from a hot detective. His investigative skills are ‘O’ so good!

Screwdriver fulfills every woman’s fantasy of checking out her handyman’s toolbox – if you know what I mean?