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A single mother of 3, I love reading urban fantasy, especially young adult. The characters are less jaded and the romances are usually include the excitement of first loves. I decided to write the urban fantasy story that I wanted to read most, which includes a strong female protagonist, a believable and slow building romance and a dynamic villain. I hope I succeeded.


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The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers is dead—muerto—shuffled off his mortal coil.

All Laney had to do was watch the store and feed the cat. Too bad she hadn’t known there was a cat.

She has a plan, though. An obscure spell contains the power to grant life, only long enough to save her job, and her vacation in Paris. Just because she botches the simplest of spells doesn’t mean she can’t control complicated magic, right?

The mysterious new guy at school, Kody, goes along for the ride; providing emotional support and, well, let’s be honest, he’s just hot.

After struggling through the spell—when nothing seems to be going right—they find that giving Mr. Whiskers a tenth life turns out to be more than they bargained for.