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Ever since she was a teenager, Ashley Goss has had a blazing passion for writing. She started creating poems and quickly progressed to short stories needing to expand her ideas into novels.

She was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and still resides there with her daughter. Her hobbies include writing, reading, drinking lots of coffee, and running her YouTube channel.

You can find out more about her including Giveaways, Peaks of new books, and what she is up to on her website.



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Different Worlds

Hidden Secrets.
An absent father.
An Extravagant Lifestyle.

Different Worlds is the story of extraordinary love, and the distance they will go for it. If you enjoy clean and sweet romance reads, then this book will melt your heart.

Ella is a simple city girl who likes to be a fly on the wall instead of being the center of attention. Alexander is always the center of attention with his dark brown eyes that make you melt, not to mention a jaw that looks like Michelangelo chiseled it to perfection. Both of their lives change when Ella is on her way to work and SMACK! Alexander knocks her down. Not a great first impression.

From there, it only gets more interesting. Every relationship has it’s up’s and down’s, but this one is a rollercoaster ride.


Simply Complicated

"I didn't take shit from anyone, especially egotistical arrogant men."

If only he knew the whirlwind Laurel was going to cause on his life then maybe he would have given in sooner.

Hudson had no idea Laurel was going to come into his life so suddenly. He had been shut off for so long, and that is the way he wanted to keep it. This was when the roller coaster ride began. Straight out of High School, he joined the military and didn’t come back the same man. He was no longer the upbeat, outgoing man everyone used to know. Now, he was brooding and uptight. Well, until Laurel came along, that is.


Bound by the Heart

After being found unconscious on the floor by her new friend Elijah, she has gotten away from her boyfriend Dwayne, but it will not be the last time.
There is a break-in, a kidnapping, and a murder. Dwayne, Nikki, and Elijah face dire consequences for their actions.
Even with everything going on, Elijah wants more with Nikki but can she find love and overcome her trust issues or will her next relationship be as detrimental and heartbreaking as her last?


The Billionaire's Lie

It all began with a lie.

Matteo's luck with women was nearly nonexistent. His last girlfriend broke up with him on the day he was set to propose, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Five years later he was comfortable with the walls he'd built up and his quiet life, but his family had other ideas. So he lied. Making up a girlfriend wasn't the most mature decision he could have made, but it had undoubtedly been the easiest.

All her struggles would end with a lie.

Lacey only agreed to pretend to be Matteo's girlfriend for the week-long wedding trip to pay off her impending tuition. If she could pull it off, then she'd be set, but his offer came with a stipulation. If she couldn't pull it off, she wouldn't get the money.

Living a lie for one week will change them forever, but when t